Zombie forum?

This place is frequented only by zombies, myself included.
After new projects were announced, Better seems to be in a cul de sac…

It’s not! I did prioritise getting the Small Technology Foundation site out, but this year I’ve been struggling with illness (the last two weeks included), which means I’ve not been able to get an update out. As soon as I’m well, it’ll be a priority.


@laura hope you get well soon! Thanks for all the good work you’re doing!
You’re health and well-being should always be your top priority!


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for me i find the summery emails useful, with interesting articles, from someone elses hours of news feeds browsing :). i dont have much to post, these about floss tech these days, working on other interests.

i guess a question for a thread would be a question about extinction rebellion and its seemingly lack of care for encouraging floss communication apps :frowning:


There’s the rub. If something’s doing its job well, you don’t notice it! I keep an ear out for surveillance news via the updates, with an occasional foray on the forum, so all the other, non-“product” work is appreciated :slight_smile:

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@laura My wishes for a speedy recovery (trying to post this in the right place, got an error message when I tried to repost here).

Hello @Valdo,

Your post is not very constructive…

I’ll include myself as well. What do you mean by that ? i.e. Why do you bring that up ? And what would you propose ?

In june 2018, @laura aura already brought up this question in another post : Making the Ind.ie forum more valuable

I answered at that time, and I still think so, that this forum is a sort of safe haven for posting or asking freely on topics concerning ethics in technology, tracking, defensive measures one can try out, etc. To me that’s invaluable. But I’m not the one paying for keeping it online so I’m just grateful it exists. I learned a lot of stuff through posts in this forum and I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only one.

It’s a forum. People come and go.

I agree. Without the email recaps attracting my attention, my coming to this place would be even less frequent at times when I’m occupied elsewhere.

Feel better, Laura! I’m so glad you guys maintain Better. It’s actually the Best.