Youtube video Ads seem to never end

A couple of months ago I got a new macbook pro 10.14.4 Mojave, and I wasn’t sure which ad blocker to get. The reviews for AdBlock Plus seemed dismal for the new macs, so I didn’t get my old standby. I spent a lot of time researching ad blockers, and finally decided to go with Better. There are technical things talked about in this forum (like error messages in the console) which I don’t fully understand. I’m a “casual user”. Anyway, as I understand it, Better only works as a Safari extension? (I also have Mozilla, but currently have no blocking extensions on that). When using Safari I have noticed that the popup rectangular window ads on youtube have mostly diminished, but aren’t entirely gone. The obnoxious grammarly and other video ads are not blocked. The extension is active (I checked preferences). So, is Better able to block the video ads on youtube? Thank you.

I wanted to upload a screen grab of the ad, but I can’t yet.

Hi Nico,
as for Mozilla I can suggest to use the uBlock Origin from for blocking adds and Privacy Badger from to block the trackers.
The newest versions of Mozilla has some addblock implemented, you have to look in settings how to activate the feature. Possibly that you don’t have to use uBlock Origin if the Mozilla built in features are fine for you.
To remove the youtube advertising hmmm, I think that such tool was not invented yet, I think…
P.S. I use KA-Block, an advertisement blocker (available for macOS and iOS) and seems that there are no conflicts with the tracking blocker Better. The problem is that the last lists are 1/2 year old, maybe the guys give the support up?

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Yes. This is because we use Safari’s content blocking functionality, which allows us to send blocking rules to the browser without you having to trust us with your browsing traffic (so this protects your privacy.) If you want to use our blocking rules with Firefox, you can use our blocking rules for free with uBlock origin. We’ve got a specially-formatted list you can download before (it gets automatically updated every time we release new rules):

We can block some of the overlay ads, but not the video ads. This is because YouTube tries to prevent this kind of blocking, and because of how they load in the ads. Some “ad blockers” can sometimes block these ads because they have script access, which enables them to change YouTube’s scripts to block the ads. However, this kind of access is also a threat to your privacy and security (they can make changes to any script that loads) so you should be very wary of any extension that has script access.

If, in the future, we find a way to block these video ads, we will. They’re targeted ads based on profiling, and this is invasive of your privacy.

Hope this answers your question, please let me know if you have any more!


Hello, Thank you for replying. I didn’t get a notice in my email so that is why I’m late here. I mostly use youtube on safari these days, but also thru duckduckgo browser at times. I think Opera has some built in blocking tools. Not sure. I don’t use Opera too much, actually.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks so much, Nico :slight_smile:

I just looked into UBlock for Mozilla. I was about to download when part of the agreement was “store unlimited amount of client data”. No thanks.
I can’t tell if Privacy Badger does the same thing, their wording is a little different. My concern is the storage and access to my financial data. Badger: “Access to your data for all websites”. Feedback on the wording…and workings…of this welcome. Thank you!

You want ublock origin, not ublock. (Yeah, I would’ve renamed it something completely different too…)

This is the tricky thing about blockers. In order to have “script access” to your browser, to filter and block stuff inside scripts, (not just the whole script like we do), the blocker ends up getting access to all your browsing data. It doesn’t necessarily mean the blocker will store or use that data (we generally trust ublock origin but can’t speak to any of the others) but they will always have the ability to do so.

It’s why we built Better Blocker using Safari’s content blocking functionality, because it allows us to provide a tracker blocker without accessing your browsing data (you don’t have to trust us.) This is why you will see “Better does not have permission to read or transmit content from any webpages” next to the Better Blocker Safari extension. This is also why we built Better Blocker in the first place, we wanted a tracker blocker we could trust.

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Hi, I’m new to Better and was surprised to see YouTube ads.

You mention that you can’t block them because Better doesn’t have permission to read etc. So far I’ve always been using 1Blocker in Safari. They do block all ads in YouTube and also don’t have permission for reading/transmitting.

I made an account just to reply to this.

I’d love to get Better but blocking YouTube video ads is a must for me. I’m currently using AdGuard and, like 1Blocker, they don’t have permission to “read or transmit content…” but they’re still able to block all ads from YouTube.

Hmmmmm, I heard (not verified rumor) that AdGuard is a Ruski company