YouTube ad-blocking doesn't work

Better is not blocking ads on YouTube. Something like uBlock can do it so why not Better?

Would be nice!

Hi there! :balloon:

YouTube ad blocking is also an interest of mine. I’d like to know whether you have plans for implementing this feature OR how would one start working on this (given that Better is open source). With some guidance, assuming the work necessary won’t be super complex I may give it a go. Let me know, cheers and thanks for making the Internet Better <3

We can’t currently block pre-roll ads on YouTube as Better is a native content blocker and we do not have script-level access to your browser.

Better is focused on your privacy, and we work with Apple’s Safari content blocker functionality, which means we don’t have access to your browsing history (we don’t want it!) and we can’t execute scripts on the pages you visit. Apple does not allow this as it risks your privacy and security.

In future versions of macOS and iOS, we may be able to do something about this issue, but our priority will always be protecting your privacy.

However, we are able to hide some of the obnoxious targeted ads on YouTube, and we do our best to block these.

Thanks for the offer! If you have any ways in which we could block these whilst still operating within the content blocking restrictions, I’d love to know.

You can see more about how to write blocking rules at If you want a hand with testing the rules, give me a shout.

Thanks Laura for the explanation. Makes sense to me. Thanks!