Would it be useful to anonymously report sites?


Right now, if you have an issue with a site when using Better, you can report it to us through the app (which uses email), the forum, or social media. Very occasionally I get reports of issues on porn sites (and similar) but I get the feeling that some people are shy to report sites like that, especially when they can’t do so anonymously.

Of course, there’s a benefit to me knowing who is reporting an issue. 1. it prevents spam. 2. I can respond to get further info for debugging, and I can let folks know when I’ve got it fixed.

But today I’m wondering whether it’d be useful if we have an anonymous form to report sites. We care about privacy, and part of that should be that we don’t need to know that you visit a site in order for you to be able to report it to us.

Does that sound like something useful? Or am I just making more work for myself? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes it does! (and of course, it also is more work…)

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