Wiki Posts as Resource Directories


@laura, @aral I have a suggestion how recommendations and the Alternatives category might be improved.

Any Discourse post can be turned into a wiki. This is really useful for creating a list or directory of products and services. The list can be placed in the top post, with descriptions and notes.

Comments and discussion containing personal experiences with the products and services, can follow below as standard posts. It’s a technique used in other Discourse forums. I first saw it on itself.

This way, you don’t have lots of different recommendation threads, some containing the same information. There is one thread where you can go to find e.g. all email alternatives.

There can still be separate threads to discuss a service in detail. The purpose is to have a directory of links where you can easily find the information in a clear overview.

Maybe also use a “resource/directory” tag so it’s easy to find those posts? Otherwise, such posts get mixed in with others (and stickies work a little oddly in Discourse).

Anyway, I have found wiki posts to be very useful in other Discourse forums.

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