Why You Can No Longer Get Lost in the Crowd


“Obscurity bridges this privacy gap with the idea that the parts of our lives that are hard or unlikely to be found or understood are relatively safe. It is a combination of the privacy you have in public and the privacy you have in groups. Obscurity is a barrier that can shield you from government, corporate and social snoops. And until lawmakers, corporate leaders and citizens embrace obscurity and move to protect it, your freedom and opportunities to flourish will be in jeopardy.”


I would suggest to follow the entire NYT “Privacy Project” https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/opinion/internet-privacy-project.html . Not because the articles are going to tell something new to whom is in this forum, but mainly because imho they speak about the same issues in relative simpler terms.


I believe that many state agencies and private companies envy the surveillance model introduced in China and perhaps want even more data.
Yes, we will be pure zeroes and ones…watched 0, watcher 1…