Why does YouTube stil contain ads?


Ublock blocks the ads, Better doesn’t. Why?


Hi @Raaphorst.

Which ads are you referring to? This may be something I can fix!


the onces which are shown as overlay over the video, the often come in after a few seconds of viewing


There’s actually more. I bought the app this morning for Safari on Mac and look what I got on YouTube :

And more about the overlay ads, I saw this morning the little cross you have to click to make an overlay ad disappear over a video I was watching. Not the ad, but just the cross.


I’ll look into it. It can be hard for us to block YouTube trackers when you are visiting the YouTube site as they tie up their tracking and their functionality.


Hi folks, I’m going to look at this today, so if anyone has examples of videos where they are seeing these ads, please send the links to me here!


I tried it today since I am usually only using Youtube on my TV.
It seems to be pretty inconsistent on my browser even with the same URL. The ones below worked sometimes, but even depended on the VPN I was connected to… Sometimes I got the ad block and sometimes just a white box with the ‘i’ in the corner.
Also, I am not sure if this is an ad or a sponsored Youtube Playlist…


Thanks @im, this really helps!