Where is the Better Safari extension stored and how to check its version number?


The update is available in the App Store now. In the course of the update i wondered about one thing. First where the extension is stored and second how am i am able to see if there was also an update to the extension alongside the app update? Cuz if i go to ~/library/safari/extensions i find only the extensions.plist file, but no Better extension (which happens to be the only extension i am running currently(? And where i am able to see the current extensions version number? I am a bit confused :wink: Best regards r.


Hi @rpk.

Are you talking about the Safari extension that comes bundled with the Mac app? That’ll be why you can’t find it in with the other Safari extensions.

You can see the version number by going to Safari > Preferences > Better. The version number is in the title at the top. The current version is 2017.1.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!


ups sorry i guess i implied that i was talking about the mac version by stating the ~/library/safari/extensions location. :wink: sorry. ah so the extension isn’t just placed and copied by the mac app into the safari extensions folder, got it. and about my other question. seems safari ( 10.1 on 10.11.6) hasn’t recognized the new available version and still showed the old one. even restarted safari and it was still showing the old version number. but now after returning home i tried restarting safari again and now it is showing the 2017.1 version number as well. ;)))) all good now. :slight_smile: thanks!


Thanks for letting me know. Did you have the Better app open when you were opening and closing Safari?


hmmmm not entirely sure anymore if the app window was open but at least i am sure that the menu bar extra was present and running each try.


Thanks. That’ll help us try to recreate the problem :slight_smile: