When an issue is resolved



I’ve got a ‘how do things work’ in the background type of question. When an issue is resolved for a website that Better has broken or needs fine-tuning, does the work you’ve done to fix the issue resolve similar problems on other websites? Or are websites, so specific, that you can’t replicate your results across the board?

I know this is a nerdy-type of question but I’m curious, and this forum is very friendly towards us who want to learn about website tracking and privacy.

Thanks again! High Five! AND Three Hip-hip-hoorays!


Hey @Mez. Good question! (And thank you for being lovely.)

The answer is, a bit of both. Sometimes it might be a problem with a tracker from a third party that is used on lots of different sites. In which case, if we tweak the rule for that tracker, it will fix all the sites that use the same tracker in the same way. Sometimes it’s just that the developers of the site haves included the tracker in an odd/intentional way to break functionality if you’re blocking trackers. In which case, we have to make site-specific fixes. We also sometimes tidy up the sites if they’re left with big ugly gaps when the trackers are removed.

Any other nerdy questions are very welcome… :blush: