WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton Gives The Inside Story On #DeleteFacebook


“At the end of the day, I sold my company,” Acton says. “I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day.”

A fascinating read that doesn’t exactly paint Acton as a hero (he’s a billionaire—he’s got more money than he could ever possibly need, he never really criticises Facebook) but does show Facebook’s ruthless greed.


Really a good read, thanks for sharing!

(I had to allow ‘everything’ from trustarc.com for the page to load…)

I agree that Acton is not pictures as a hero exactly, but I read it as: he’s someone who - in the end - did the right thing.

And I get the feeling he’s on our side, a good guy!

What I also noted :

This story appears in the October 31, 2018 issue of Forbes.

So the released this exclusive story (which I would guess a lot of people like to read) more the a month earlier as publishing it in their (printed, right?) magazine.

I wonder what the business decision behind that would be?
It can only be advertising/tracking, I guess?

The site doesn’t seem to have a lot of 3rd party resources (see screenshot), but then again, this might just because the identify me as Europe-based (=GDPR-protected?)


Oh yes. I have this horrible feeling every time I post something to the radar that is from Forbes, Wired, basically any big publisher. They are all doing tracking in a big way. Better blocks most of it (where possible) but… ick!