Web+ (from ar.al)


To give you an idea on where @aral’s research is currently leading…

My personal blog is now a Web+ site.

A what?

Well, it’s a web site but also a little more than a regular web site. It’s available on the regular web at https://ar.al, but it is also available on the peer-to-peer Web (henceforth “Peer Web”) via the DAT protocol at dat://ar.al.



So I half followed aral’s update on the subject when he tweeted about it a few weeks ago understanding only half of what was going on.

Then i followed your link @laura and after reading @aral’s post (which helped me understand the other half of what i’d missed out :wink: ) I downloaded the Beaker Browser and connected to the dat version. Pretty awesome, sounds so promising !

So is the DAT protocol the beginning of the decentralized indie web ? Is ind.ie joining it’s ambition of building a new web into this “Peer web” ?


Brilliant, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:. Who’d have thought, a use for QR codes!!


This is very exciting, just have a couple of questions.

  • Is Web+ a term coined by @aral?
  • Does the Peer Web mean a dat:// site has to be ‘hosted’ by a peer for it to be visible?
  • Is there a simple explanation of how Dat DNS works?
  • And finally, has anyone made the “What’s Dat?” joke yet? (oh the fun we had with Digital Audio Tape…)


Hey @mh8, yes, we’re going to be building on DAT.

As I see it, DAT is the successor to Syncthing. The main difference being that it was/is built with the use case we wanted to Syncthing from the start. Apparently we just had to wait four years for some lovely folks to create it. :wink:


If anyone else uses it, I guess :slight_smile:

Yes. However, in the near-term, I see always-on nodes as an essential component. So, for example, dat://ar.al is an always on node. There may be other peers hosting the content but I can guarantee that the content will always be available because I host dat://ar.al on a VPS at CloudScale.ch.

Also, in the near term, I see us bridging the two worlds and having both https and dat.

The canonical spec is at https://www.datprotocol.com/deps/0005-dns/

In a nutshell, you can either create a file called dat in a directory called .well-known that has DAT public key you want to map to or you use a DNS TXT record that maps to it.

I believe someone just did… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s great, thank you for the detailed answers :slightly_smiling_face:. I guess once there’s enough momentum, then Dat sites will be “cached” by other users and CDNs around the world, until there’s no longer any need for http…


Today I installed the beakerbrowser, but I cannot access dat://ar.al/ :frowning:
(or any other dat-site, as far as I can tell ).

What I get (after some waiting ) is " No DNS record found for dat://ar.al " .

I supected that mybe it’s beacuse I need to use a proxy to access the web, but I didn’t find settings in beakerbrowser allowing me to provide one…

Edit: The long adress dat://bfb2eeb077826ecee6c1105d419755d5d8e0893d653d3ce39e50aee2c00b7701/

doesn’t work either - so I guess it’s not about DNS.

And I get another message:

Timed out

It took too long to find this site on the peer-to-peer network.


…it’s porbably the first one…