We didn’t lose control – it was stolen from us by Silicon Valley


My response to Tim Berners-Lee’s open letter…

“The Web we have is not broken for Google and Facebook. People farmers are reaping the rewards of their violations into our lives to the tune of tens of billions in revenue every year. How can they possibly be our allies?”



Some similar thoughts https://blog.freedombone.net/the-evolution-of-the-web


Excellent article, Bob and very much complimentary to mine (as I didn’t have time to cover Tim’s other two points in detail and you tie them in beautifully). I’ll make some noise about it today :slight_smile:


Great read guys.

I had already liked reading Tim’s open letter, I really enjoyed reading both your points. Very enlightening.

I strongly agree. Though it seems that’s when there is some sort of lock-down phenomena.

As human beings, we naturally get used to our environment and then tend to be protective of it. Applied to cloud-based tech this is dangerous.

People will be increasingly reticent to leave some web-service when that’s where they have all their data, and that’s the tool they know how to use, regardless of a cost they cannot “feel”.

Especially if millions are injected to make the place look like a flowery garden.

Feeding data must become something quite unacceptable indeed for the scale to tip the other way.