Update: 14th May, 2018


A quick catch-up summary of what’s been happening and what I’ve been (and am) working on:

Historic (2018)

  • March 27th: we moved from Sweden to Ireland. The reasons are many and we’ve been meaning to write a longer post about it but it’s been a positive move and we already feel settled here.

  • January - end of April, 2018: started/worked on [Indienet](https://indienet.info] project (https://indienet.info). Led a team at Ghent to create the installer for Ghent (https://hallo.gent). The Ghent-side of the project is currently looking for further funding so we can create the domain name registration and server setup component (“Magic Website Factory”).


  1. Reviewing Better Blocker content rules and starting to prepare an update. I feel bad for letting content rule updates fall by the wayside while my attention was on managing the remote team in Ghent and working on Indie site myself. My goal is to get us into the habit of issuing small updates to the content on a regular basis. I also want to run a full inspection as soon as we have our high-speed connection connected (should be by the end of the month) and prepare a major update in 2018.

  2. Continuing work on Indie Site; currently spiking Conflict-Free Replicated Data Format (CRDT) algorithms as I want the Indie sites to work offline and constitute a convenient stepping stone to fully p2p systems in the future.

In line with our strategy that the way to combat surveillance capitalism is to regulate and replace it, we will be continue to focus our limited resources on these two areas: Better Blocker (technological regulation) and Indienet (a possible decentralised alternative).

Additionally, of course, Laura and I are both continuing our work to raise awareness about both the problem with surveillance capitalism and the solutions by speaking at various conferences and taking part in community events. See https://ind.ie/events for upcoming events.