Trello or other task manager


Do you know any alternative to Trello or any other interesting task manager?



Hi :slight_smile:

Given that there are so many task managers out there, it probably would be helpful if you could describe in more detail what you’re looking for.

What functionalities do you need? For which purpose do you want to use it? Single user or a team/family? On which devices / operating systems? Local sync of data, cloud-based or self-hosting? Any preferences with respect to pricing?


Check out:


Thanks Julian,
I need an application that works on OSX and iOS and I just need to share lists with one more person. I need you to be in sync. I have tried some self-hosting things but I prefer some cloud service.


Hi carre,

some thoughts in no particular order:

In case you really only need simple lists I can think of two things:

  1. Set-up an account with an e-mail provider of your choice who also offers Tasks via CalDav. Given in my experience it’s very hard to find a service that also syncs share lists to apps on devices (with most of them this only works reliably within their web-app), I would recommend getting a separate account for your shared lists that both of you add to your devices if you want to have access to this lists in apps like Apple’s Reminders app.

  2. If both of you use Apple devices or are willing to use and if you’re fine with using iCloud, you could also use iCloud Reminders. Sharing lists with other people is possible with iCloud.

Another more feature-rich option that I’ve tried myself is Todoist which also offers the possibility to have shared lists (I think they call them projects). Admittedly Todoist isn’t free and open-source software, but they’re a bootstrapped and independent company not relying on monetizing data (see also their Privacy Policy).

The only hosted and mostly web-app based FOSS solution that’s closer to Trello I have heard about is, but I can’t offer any personal experience given that I haven’t used it so far.