Trading privacy for survival is another tax on the poor


“Personal data is used to deny low-income people access to resources or opportunities, but it’s also used to target them with predatory marketing for payday loans or even straight-up scams.”

“Undocumented immigrants, day laborers, homeless people, and those with criminal convictions suffer from another data extreme: living beyond the reach of the data collection systems needed to thrive in society, they gain so much “privacy” that they become increasingly invisible. Living in this surveillance gap can be as damaging as living under constant surveillance, and is often a reaction to it.”

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in the Netherlands there are now plans for houses where inhabitants can “choose” to hand-over data about how they live in exchange for lower rent.
Yet another example of privacy as a luxury product…


Ugh, that is really bad. And absolutely, if someone can’t afford rent, they will feel forced to do that. But of course the business utilising that data will say they had a “choice” and gave “consent.”

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