Top UX apps?


I am looking for 4/5 examples of pure fantastic UX within apps today. Apps that delight, that respect the user (not necessary privacy at this point) and understand context.

I have a few that have for better or worse transformed business practice but they dont necessary do the UX thing I am after

Uber, Air B&B, DICE tickets and more have questioned the very nature of some current business practices, while others have revolutionised the way we share images, such as instagram.

I guess Apple App awards is also a good starter -

What do people here think ? suggest ?


Are you just looking for native apps? Here’s a list of some of my most-used and most-loved:

  • Cloak (VPN) - just very usable
  • Carrot Weather - loads of information presented in different ways, and a quirky sense of humour (that can verge on the irritating sometimes)
  • Period Tracker - very cute/clever illustrations
  • Scan Biz Cards - really utilises native functionality to minimise the effort you have to put in
  • Reminders (Apple’s own) - the way in which this works with Siri and the Apple Watch makes for a very seamless (and often interface-less) experience


Any apps or websites people think are just super nice to use.


For me some of the most enjoyable apps are:

  • 1Password - when switching to 1Password I - for the first time in my life - consciously experienced the difference between apps that get their job done and apps that offer a great experience in addition
  • Twitterrific - very intuitive Twitter client
  • Genius Scan - a document scanner with a very good automatic object detection and easy to use customization / optimization of your scanned object
  • - a clean and simple dictionary with lots of available content
  • Apple’s Reminders - seamless integration & natural language input with they keyboard


As a follow up can anyone name apps that provide delightful moments and experiences.

I’ll scoure littlebigdetails asap

I wouldn’t mind starting to populate

cc @aral


Fantastical - is a very well crafted calendar app.
IA Writer - my go to for markdown editing. Reduced to the bare minimum with well legible typography on top.


Twitterrific - while loading new tweets a bird that flaps with its wings appears

Weather Underground - creative and entertaining release notes

MrCrumble - circle around face spins and eyes blink in the main screen + sad face for the “report website” screen