Thoughts on Lockdown for iOS?

Recently I’ve stumbled across Lockdown, a free and open source app with which you can block connections to specified domains across all apps on iOS. According to the privacy policy everything stays on device / no data is transmitted to servers. In the long-run they plan to make money by offering paid option with VPN functionality.

After playing a bit with it my first impression is that it’s a very promising and nicely made app. Right now it blocks the most common trackers and you can manually add domains as well.

What’s definitely missing is a way to import / subscribe entire blocking lists. Moreover, it would be cool to see which domains are blocked in which app.

Do you have any thoughts on / experience with this app?

I don’t want to play the troll game, but forget it.
The main feature is to manually input a web address and Facebook is in beta status…
The result is that during browsing you click a link somehow related to previously imputed address, Safari access to the address is blocked. Simple, not?
When you start the app, the VPN icon is going on, but IP and DNS isn’t changing…

Use Little Snitch or Hands-Off

The OP question was related to iOS app.
I know only one iOS “firewall” but this is more a content and tracking blocker and not an configurable outbound firewall.

The Little Snitch for macOS is known, but is not for free. LuLu is free from here: (no relation with the coder)

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My bad… I read to fast.
The only other option that I know is using pihole on a VPS and your own VPN.

Actually there is an iOS app, the DNSCloak, which can be feeded with a Black List but the thing is damn complicated (for me).

I like LuLu because every time an app is trying to make a “call” the user is alerted and can decide to allow or block the outbound connection.

I agree with you that the app has some room to improve and after playing with it for a little longer some limitations that you’ve mentioned become apparent.

The thing with VPN is a bit strange, but if I’ve understood it correctly they have to use a VPN profile (even without a real VPN, IP and DNS change), because using a VPN profile is the only way to be able to block domains on iOS.

I’ll continue keeping an eye on the development of the app. In the long-run my hope would be that Apple build a mechanism like the one in Safari right into the OS such that third-party blocker (like Better) could “just” supply the block lists while not having to have access to all connections.

I didn’t know Hands-Off but I’m using Little Snitch on macOS. Would be cool if we could get something like it for iOS.

I agree with Julian. Lockdown merely uses the VPN profile allowed by iOS to block certain outgoing connections. It is very limited and not configurable at this time, but it has no adverse effects on websites I want to see. It does not by design change IP or DNS. So if you don’t think of it as a VPN, it is basically just a very limited outgoing firewall. Not too bad for the price, but I’d love to see it improve. Or I’d even love it more if Better could have not only content blocking but also a configurable outgoing firewall (I’d pay for that separately, if it’s as well designed as Better blocker).