This is a troll-free space?


Does this statement serve to encourage or discourage would be trolls or neither? Is it helping the dialogue or is it off-putting? Is trolling a good thing?


Not sure if I get it, probabbly missing something here…

Is the statement “This is a troll-free space” somewhere on the site (if so: where?) and are you asiking if this makes sense or not?

Or are you suggestig to put that statement somewhere?

[Edit: OK, I found what you are reffering to (seach is my friend :slight_smile: ), it’s from there:


I would say it neither encourages nor discourages anything for trolls. It’s just a fair warning that any troll-like content will be moderated and/or removed.

I personally don’t feel this kind of warning influences in any way people expressing themselves and their opinions.


Research into what trolls are and how they behave has been inconclusive from what I’ve seen but there does seem to be consensus around some aspects. Large sections of Anonymous used to be in favour of trolling as an art-form and a means of protest. Not sure if this is still the thinking.


We have been trolled in the past on Twitter. What we’re saying here is that we run the space (mostly me!) and we will not tolerate people being unkind to each other. The definition of trolling is subjective, and all final decisions will be made by me (and I’ll probably ask @aral’s opinion.) I’m generally in favour of constructive debate, and being open to question and criticise. I do not extend this to abuse and/or personal attacks.

It’s worth noting that this has not yet been an issue. People on this forum are generally lovely! It can seem a little quiet, but I know there are many more watchers than participants :wink:


At our company we apply a people first mentality. If there are tech problems we bug fix them as people problems and this is difficult but works best for us.