The Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights


Great question. Not that its the authority, but Wikipedia says:

"A cyborg (short for “cybernetic organism”) is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. The term was coined in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan S. Kline.[1]

The term cyborg is not the same thing as bionic, biorobot or android; it applies to an organism that has restored function or enhanced abilities due to the integration of some artificial component or technology that relies on some sort of feedback.[2] While cyborgs are commonly thought of as mammals, including humans, they might also conceivably be any kind of organism."

So a cyborg could be a being that what don’t even concieve of yet, too… maybe?


It seems important that the authors acknowledge A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway, circa 1984, for it sets out remarkably similar points.


First reaction: I like the concept. However I define myself as a human being, not as a cyborg. Furthermore, I am not sure of the consequences of defining a new entity and giving it rights. What will we call a cyborg in 20 years?

I would think in terms of extending or updating human rights for the digital age.


Following up on earlier discussion around non-human cyborgs: “Meet the Cyborg Beetles, Real Insects That Are Controlled Like Robots”