The tech giants are the new banks. Do we know the risks?


“We should all have realised earlier that tech was a big business, lobbying politicians as effectively as big business always does. It was no longer a bunch of college dropouts trying to change the world. We should have monitored Google chief Eric Schmidt’s regular audiences with Osborne as closely as we would Rupert Murdoch’s, recognising that it’s not always the Sun wot wins things now. We should have grasped the implications of fast-moving technologies that most people still don’t understand.”


Yes, and many people still don’t understand it and don’t seem to care.
For several years I had an iphone 3GS. Then I bought a Jolla. Frustration! Missed itunes. Could not buy good apps, etc. Sailfish apps were/ are basic, sometimes brillant because of simplicity, but never exiting. The biggest problem was and still is the lack of a good paying system. Flattr doesn’t work well. Paypal is not favourable, don’t want to support this heavy surveillance machine, founded by Thiel.I realised how dependent we are on American credit cards, on American paying systems. Where are the European banks? They have let us down. They did not forsee this huge dependency either. It is possible to pay with Ideal within The Netherlands and some other countries. Sometimes companies give us their bank account number, so we can pay them in this way, but most of the companies rely on credit cards and on Paypal.
I am still waiting for a good, honest paying system. I want to pay for something that others have made. Perhaps the solution for the future is: a basic income for everyone.


Why, oh why do they ask such questions:
Do we know the risks?

Still the end will make an entertaining post-mortem.


What happened next will surprise you… :wink:


What happened next? Do tell.


Sorry, that was a bad joke about clickbait headlines that might have been too obscure!


I’ve come here looking for a payment alternative to PayPal

What do you think about Revolut, N26, etc?