The quest to design an ethical social media platform


“ Ads are the traditional funding source for social platforms; they take users’ personal data and serve it to advertisers who want their ads to reach a specific audience. This virtually ensures a fundamentally exploitative business model based on surveillance, says Laura Kalbag, a designer and the co-founder of digital justice not-for-profit”

I mentioned Mastodon to Jennifer and she really got on board!


Thank you @laura for taking the standpoint of social networking as public infrastructure. This is a much necessary step towards empowering people and communities.


Hey @laura nice to see you spreading the word in news outlets.

As I was beginning to read the article, something caught my attention. Probably because it was pretty close to the topic at hand, but those damned “social media buttons” just popped as soon as the header image got off the screen.

I don’t use twitter anymore (thank you mastodon!) and never used it much because i was never comfortable with it’s centralized and capitalist aspect. Same goes for facebook. I get so tired of seeing those two buttons pop everywhere !:tired_face:

Maybe part of the solution to incite users to use other platforms is also to stop putting handles and buttons all over the webs that incite you to go back to those old centralized data-mining megalodons. :angry: