The magic three


Hi all,

I remember some time ago Aral was endorsing privacy tools to surf the web in a more secure and disguised way. Namely I remember him talking about Better of course and tools like GetCloak and LittleSnitch. Are those two still the de facto standard? If I’m not mistaken something went downhill with GetCloak and Indie stopper endorsing them.

What are you recommendations in 2018/2019? Please let me know.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Cloak got bought out by Let’s Encrypt. I still use Cloak/Let’s Encrypt because it’s easy to use, and the guy we know from Cloak said they weren’t bad people. But I’m not using it for security reasons, just for geographical spoofing and debugging.


That’s my same use case, if I could also have added security on top of that though I wouldn’t say no.
What would you recommend as VPN tool for security if any?


I would recommend iPredator because Peter is wholly committed to privacy in a way I’ve not seen in anybody. However, it does require a bit of setup and technical knowledge.


Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I’ll surely check them out.