The looming deluge of connected dildos is a security nightmare


“Alongside having the best security and privacy technologies, smart sex toy makers should have the most robust privacy policies. The less that’s collected, the less that can be abused, after all.”


Best title ever! :wink:


Isn’t it just. I love using connected dildos as an example in my talks. It perfectly frames the idea of “privacy doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, it means you don’t necessarily want to share it with everyone.”


I agree.

It was the idea of a “looming deluge” of dildos that made me smile.


avoids making a childish joke… :wink:


Np, no, please do! :slight_smile:


A child shouldn’t get the joke… I would suggest “immature”, though men merely learn to restrain their inner tweenager around women as they… mature.

Seriously though, as long as the dildo data gathering isn’t associated with your real identity then I don’t really see the problem.


The problem is it’s way too easy to connect “anonymised” data with real identities. I quote this Bruce Schneier article in my talks: