The death of Media - Afterthoughts of the Eric Lundgren case


Eric Lundgren is now in jail facing a fifteen months sentence for having tried to stem the massive e-waste cycles of our production of technologies.

I found this article, although quite long, to be a very interesting afterthought to his case and an interesting development on what “media” is and represents and the challenges we face with it in our world today.

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Such a sad story, not only about Eric Lundgren himself, but also about the obstruction by the big tech companies to environmental friendly suggestions. Until now Fairphone is the only one who tries to do it right. Unfortunately it’s android and you have to fiddle another os on it, not certain if it works properly, so not for me. This case of Lundgren is revealing and depressing. Apple talks nice, but does nothing to make the devices more durable and easy to repair and to replace spare parts. Apple had only two ‘recycling’ factories and everything goes into the shredder.
And Microsoft has shown its teeth again: nasty.


Ownership: I bought music on my Macbook via iTunes. Yet I don’t own it, I only lease it. Apple lets you think that it is yours, but that’s not true.
Data: if I give my address to someone, it is still my address. Sharing personal info does not change ownership of this info because it belongs to me. So it is rude and evil that others sell my data without my consent.