Tead's TV InRead


any way for Better to block it?



… I don’t even really understand the question! :frowning:

“Tead’s TV” is the add you would like to block? and “InRead” is the site which it is on? Or is it the other way round?


“InRead” is apparently the the type of ad that Tead’s TV is marketing to sites.




Here is an example:


Scroll down


Hi @anthony_s. Could you send me a screenshot of what the issue is? I can’t spot anything on when I load the page.


Hi laura,

looks as though it is now just a blackout space…

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 7.20.51 AM.png

Look carefully at the lower right hand corner of the black screen above. It reads: “Inread invented by Teads”

Here’s their link: https://teads.tv/inread-outstream-video-ad-units/

I am running only Better as an ad blocker. So, looks like for whatever reason, your application is blocking it. Not sure why, but grateful.



Could you send me a link to the article that the screenshot is from? Could you also let me know which part of the world you’re accessing the site from (Oddly I’m still not seeing anything like that on the URL you sent, so it might be geo-specific.)



Hmm, for whatever reason, the ad is no longer visible on the site www.legalinsurrection.com. I access it from US. Site owner is likely based in NY state.