Survey of Dutch sites with potential trackers


After quite an extensive search for potential trackers on Dutch sites (I used a top 80 list), I am very happy to report that Better blocks the big majority already! (Besides main trackers like Google, especially the recently added r42tag shows up on many in this list).

Below is a survey of top sites which still contain quertionable third-party content. I understand that Better is mainly interested in main trackers, so I guess,,,,,,, might be more interesting to investigate, since they appear on multiple sites.

Besides top 80, I also looked at health (insurance) sites, since any collected data there by third parties can be considered to be especially sensitive and private.

News / media

Health (Insurance)






Wow, thanks for this @Robyn.

I think we’re handling a lot of these trackers already, but I will double-check them next update. And I’ll run all those sites through the inspector.