'Surveillance capitalism has led us into a dystopia' - BBC Ideas


@aral recorded this video with BBC Ideas back in July. It gives a brief introduction to surveillance capitalism, complete with animations.


Is it possible/authorized to have it subtitled in French and to publish it on our site or are there problems of copyright permission since it seems to be owned by the BBC ?


@aral has no problem with that!


Fine, :slightly_smiling_face::. But is it possible for you/aral to get us the video as a MP4 or webm and be authorized to drop it on a peerTube instance such as https://peertube.cpy.re/ (with due credits to Aral and to the BBC as copyright owner) ?


it needs Flash. the BBC…


Actually I just watched it without flash. Maybe BBC tries some feature detection and tries to prefer flash if available.
Try to uninstall flash or so, maybe it works then. :wink:


No flash installed!

I am from Holland trying to watch it, maybe that’s it?


Found out I can watch it in Firefox. Bad Safari again… that browser seems to be so broken. Apple has completely lost it.