Stopgaps and Alternatives


A couple of people on Twitter have recommended Scout:


From Mastodon:


@Brennanb @laura i’ve been looking into OpenStreetMaps apps. I like OsmAnd but it’s not perfect. A lot of them use the data and then bundle it with there own business model and analytics. Apps that use OSM data are:

  • Apple Maps
  • OsmAnd by OsmAnd B.V., open source, Czech Rebublic based
  • by B.V. part of, open source, Russian based
  • Scout by TeleNav (former Skobbler), closed source, USA owned and NASDAQ traded company
  • MapQuest by MapQuest, Inc part of Aol Inc., closed source, USA based


I want to provide some thoughts for anyone coming across this piece of discussion…

Since posting this, I’ve been using mostly Magic Earth. I’ll be honest, I think the 3D map is pretty great. Aside from that, I loved being able to take maps with me offline. I used this on a trip across the US and Canada, and it worked pretty flawlessly.

One other app I had been holding out hope for was OsmAnd. They recently added navigation support on iOS, which I am happily playing with now. The app is quite a bit busier than Magic Earth, but we’ll see how it goes.

I believe the biggest drawback to both of these apps (and maybe anything based on OSM data) is the search experience. I find more often than not, the most reliable way of locating a place on the map is via coordinates. This requires a web search, which is inconvenient, and impossible if out of range of a data connection. If anyone has any tips for searching OSM, I would be all ears!


I know I do push up an old post here, but I discovered

today an found it ver fitting. The list " ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives" .