I’ve been using StartPage search engine for more then 3 years.
Since October StartPage has got a new shareholder: System 1 LLC – an advertising and marketing company appearing in the pressrelease under the name Privacy One Group Ltd. :slight_smile: … Move on to SearX

SearX is not OK, all the time is blocked by Google.
Found another engine, the but as it is quite new no background info at all. The declared privacy policy looks nice, but you know…

Deeper dig on StartPage recent changes

Thanks for the info. It’s a bummer, it was the last competent meta-search-engine I knew of. The competition is less mature.

I’ll dig the topic and remove StartPage when I have some time ahead.
Did you find a pleasant alternative?

the Searx variant is working at the moment OK, but question of time till Google will block it.

Perhaps the could be an alternative, but seems that nobody knows who’s behind and what are their intentions. Those days when even O****e is tracking and selling customers data you never know.
Its not a question when, it is already reality that tracking data business generate the biggest financial turnover in the digital world.