Spotify - Did We Know Their Data Collecting Is That Extreme?


Hey all,

I remember @laura opened one of her talks by explaining the terms of service of Spotify.
Yesterday a few reports emerged from people who requested their data from them according to the GDPR:
Twitter - Peter Steinberger
Twitter - Michael Veale

I have to say I was unpleasantly surprised and I did not expect it to be that extreme.
What do you think?


I’d say I would have expected it. Why would they NOT store everything the can?

Btw, do you know how I listen to podcasts? (I would do the same for Music, if I wanted that)

I download them to my PC, then transfer them to my MP3 player and take it with me when I go cycling.
To me, that’s very convenient.

So: I don’t have a use for spottily service, I couldn’t’ even use it, if I wanted to.
-> Probably not the best person to comment - I still do! :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing up this topic!


Thank you, @Joachim01!
I might actaully consider consuming my media a bit more offiline myself :slight_smile:.
I do not use Spotify myself either, but a rival service that I trust more at least.
Nevertheless, I am always surprised once more when I visually see the sheer extent of the data these companies collect…


On the one hand it’s always shocking and surprising to actually see the extent of the data collected, on the other hand I’m not surprised that Spotify isn’t a shining example when it comes to data parsimony.

Having said that, compared to the data I have from Apple about my 3-month trial subscription to Apple Music, Spotify’s data collection is really excessive. The entire “Apple Music Activity” folder is “just” 7,1MB and “only” contains a collection of when & which songs were played (which they probably partially need to determine payments to artists), operating system used and some meta-data like which song I’ve liked or which bands I’ve followed. No search history. No A/B testing. No other interaction data.


Thank you for your insight on Apple Music, @julian!
I guess Apple is actually acceptable then when it comes to data collecting for their music service :slight_smile:.


Yikes. Though I guess they can collect all sorts of things from your operating system, even more so than on the web.

Thanks for sharing!


Agreed. Thanks for sharing. I don’t use spotify either but I’m better off knowing they keep too much data than not knowing.

Also, i can’t agree more with @Joachim01 : the more you consume your media and contents offline the better. The more you disconnect from the leeching services the better.

The web is ever-moving and i do hope this we-collect-your-data-to-sell-it model will eventually be outdated and decentralized, respectful services will be the new blue.