Spamassassin says DKIM is invalid


My forum digests keep going to my spam folder and while troubleshooting, I noticed that it says the DKIM signatures are invalid. My spam filter has a huge positive score for valid DKIM, and I suspect I’m not the only one, so fixing this should make it much less likely that these will go into a spam folder.

Spamassassin says that doesn’t have the DKIM DNS records:

dkim=fail reason=“key not found in DNS” (0-bit key)

Based on the headers, I think your DKIM key needs to be stored as


Thanks for the heads-up, and sorry for the slow reply! I’m on this now :grimacing:


The official instructions for setting up DKIM and SPF are at


Thanks @codinghorror :relaxed:


Hey folks, sorry for the ridiculously late response to this but I’ve now updated our DNS entries as per @codinghorror’s instructions.