Solved! Google Ads showing since 7 March 2019


Since this morning I’m beginning to see Google Ads that were previously blocked, by Better I assume. I did the Macworld test outlined here and it failed (shows ads):

I uninstalled Better and its preferences, rebooted, reinstalled. Google ads still show up on sites and Youtube:


How strange. I’m not seeing ads in the same places, so something must be happening unique to your system.

Could you let me know what date you see in the app for when the rules were last updated?

Is the Better Safari extension enabled in Safari’s preferences?

And just to double-check, this was with Better’s macOS app?

We’ll get to the bottom of this!



Hi Laura,

Sorry I didn’t specify, yes this is on macOS Sierra 10.13.6 using Safari 12.0.3. The Better iOS app works fine.

The rules were updated 7 March, 2019.

Yes the Better Safari extension is enabled in Safari’s preferences.

FWIW uBlock also doesn’t block Google ads. I just purchased Adguard which hides the Google ads but I’m not comfortable with how it uses it’s own SSL certificate for a man in the middle solution.

Edit: I just realised Better stopped working after the last rules update!


This makes it sound like it’s definitely a bug on your Mac. Which version of Safari are you running?


I’m on Safari 12.0.3


I deleted all Safari Preferences and Better is now working again. Thanks Laura for your assistance!


Thanks for letting me know! Sorry I wasn’t more helpful!

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