Small technology launch and Site.js

Great job on the launch of the Small Technology foundation and related products.

An old friend of mine saw @aral talk at UX Australia and was impressed.

I had a go at using site.js and blogged my progress pretty much live to see what happened, it can be read here it’s 4 parts.

My main takeaways;

If you have a Mac use homebrew. Part one was mainly my own refusal to do that - wrong idea.

The sync using rsync doesn’t seem to work from a Mac

My server is CentOS 6 and I found out that I can’t install Site.js due to gdlib

Having said all that I think with some minor tweaks to the installation instructions, mentioned in the blog posts, it is in fact very easy to get up and running with what is a complex thing using Site.js I know it’s the foundation of the other tech and is very exciting. I am gutted I can’t run it on centos6 to be fair, but my use at the moment does mitigate the time for me to upgrade my VPS to centos7 or build docker instances at this time.

However hopefully one click installs on servers would make it really really easy as you would only need to set up on your computer and point to remote and just sync (in theory)


Hey Adam,

This is so hugely useful, thank you. Sorry you had to struggle so much at the beginning. I think your first day’s tribulations can be avoided if we include a curl-based install line for macOS (I thought wget was included on macOS – which version are you running, btw – but I’ll double-check.)

I’ll go through the rest of your post and open issues based on it when I’m back from holiday (today is our last day, we fly back this evening) :slight_smile:

Thank you again for hitting the pain points. Let’s make sure no one else has to hit the same ones again :slight_smile:


No problem, hoped it might be useful. When your back anything that doesn’t make sense shout. It was just typed out as it was happening so a little rough and ready.

FYI Latest released macOS 10.4.6