Site.js issue

Hi all. I’m following to provide feedback for Site.js but the link to the GitHub repo ( seems non-existent (or private).

My question is, I’m using site.js on both WSL (v2) and Windows, and they both work great.
However, when I run site serve @localhost inside WSL, I can curl https://localhost without TLS problems but encounter cert warning when opening https://localhost in Windows browser.
On the other hand, when I run site serve "@localhost" in PowerShell, I can open https://localhost in Windows browser perfectly.
Here comes the actual question: how do I ask site.js inside WSL to use the same certificate generated by site.js in PowerShell? Or, if I were to break it down:

  1. How do I export the cert & key used by site.js?
  2. How do I ask site.js to use the cert & key I provide?