Site Feeback: Videos and Talks are hard to find!


Hey Laura and Aral,

You both gave some interesting talks, but it’s currently very hard to find them:

They are no longer linked on :frowning:

And in the “Learn more about us”-section, there is only a 1out-of-4 chance (-> The Ethical-Design-Part), to find out about , with has the navigation at the top, that leads to (via about / Talks)

Visualtisation: Links to valuable resources, that are currently missing on

On a positive note, it’s nice to see “404 → 302” implemented - I read that when it was published, and recognized it beeing in used when I saw today.

PS: I also notice you’re not linking to at all
and to only via Accessibility For Everyone ->

but I suspect those are intentional decisions .


A personal note:

It was one of Arals Talks ( being discussed in Fairmondo-Forum (German)

that initially made me aware of and brought me here!


Thank you for this feedback. The idea is that we are slowly replacing the pages on with those on, but haven’t got round to getting more done yet.

This is one of my top priorities, and you’ve let me know that I need to doubly prioritise the talks and events information!