Secure chat for sharing passwords?

I’ve just started working with a client who insists on sending passwords via email. I’d like to encourage them to use a secure form of communication – PGP is out of the question, I’ve had a look at Cryptocat and I have my doubts about Telegram’s business model.

Can anyone recommend a simple, secure cross-platform chat client?

Wire is pretty good, we use it for calls sometimes.


That’s great, thank you. Just installed it, works a treat :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s no problem that you can’t use it without a smartphone Signal (together with its desktop app) should work very well as well for simple chat purposes. I also think that there is nothing inherently wrong about Cryptocat if desktop-only is sufficient for your needs.

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Good point, I thought about Signal, downside being it has to be installed on the phone as well as the desktop, probably too much to ask of the client! I wasn’t sure about the trustworthiness Cryptocat, so thanks for the opinion about it :slightly_smiling_face:

We use Telegram with our family. It works on many platforms and that is very convenient for us because we have different devices and os’es. We also use Wire instead of Skype. It is a nice service and you don’t need to give your phone number, an email address will do. Both, Telegram and Wire are private companies. Snowden lately praised Telegram for not giving in to the Russian government. I don’t know to what extend Signal is open source.