Search alternative: Cliqz


Cliqz is a browser with built-in search. Currently in later development as a browser plugin. They want to “disrupt Google.” From their about page:

We have a very different vision of the Internet. We believe in an Internet where values, such as transparency, privacy, openness, security and respect matter. An Internet where personal data remains in the possession of users and these users reach their destination via the shortest route – even if this means fewer opportunities for advertising.

We believe in an Internet where the user’s interest really does come first. This Internet requires a radically new way of thinking. And a complete redesign.

It sounds good! We’ve not had a chance to try it out, but if you use Firefox, give it a go and let us know what you think. I think it’d take someone using it extensively to really understand if it would be a viable replacement for Google search.


Ace, been waiting for a project like this to come along.

Did I miss which rendering engine it uses? :thinking:


Nevermind! Thought it was a full browser, caught up now.


I think it aims to be a full browser. And that is exactly the kind of browser we need!


Hiya, thanks for bringing this up @laura

So I tried setting it up on my firefox but ended up with a plug-in in german and didn’t find anything in the menu to switch languages. I double-checked on their website and even re-installed (twice) from the english page but nothing does it, it always shows up in german. In the end I just gave up. Did anyone get it running in another language than german ? It really made me feel helpless :blush:

I use duckduckgo as an alternative to goolge, and it’s great on some aspects, but I dearly miss the “search options” from google, particularly the one relating to dates.


I have it installed using firefox on linux mint. I like the interface but I am still reading through how it works. If it does live up to its promises about privacy and openness than I think it will be very good. From its job descriptions and benefits the company certainly cares about its employees, which is a good sign.
The search results aren’t great, and they don’t have an actual business plan yet, but they are very upfront about both problems and say they are working to address them. Although it does make me wonder how they managed to get their financing.


Hi, Thomas here from CLIQZ

We are start-up based in Munich, Germany. We aim to “reinvent the Internet” by combining search, browser, and data technology in an unprecedented way. With CLIQZ, you can search directly in the browser (bypassing search engine result pages). CLIQZ doesn’t store any personal data and is 100% private. We even work on actively improving our user’s privacy by implementing innovative anti-tracking technologies.

For the time being, we concentrate on the German market and CLIQZ is optimized for the German language. We do however encourage non-German users to give CLIQZ a try. If our search results (or website suggestions, as we call them) aren’t suffiicient, CLIQZ is able to redirect your search query directly to your default search engine if you like.

We aim to offer CLIQZ on all major platforms. Already available as an established product is CLIQZ for Firefox, our add-on for the Firexfox desktop browser.
We are also developing desktop browsers for Mac or Windows based on Firefox code; alpha versions available through
CLIQZ apps for Android and iOS are in early develpoment stage, you can apply for becoming a test user by email to

Give CLIQZ a try! Your feedback is highly appreciated.


Hi, Thomas here from CLIQZ.

Sorry for your problems with installing the CLIQZ for Firefox extension. If you download it via (from our website) you actually should get the Englisch version automatically, based on your Firefox settings. You can check if you have the English version if you open the menu (“Q” shaped icon next to the adress bar). If the options/settiongs are shown in English, then you have the right version. Please note that for the time being, CLIQZ is optimized for German users and sometimes it serves German search results for non-German users.

Valid question about how we are financed. We are majority-owned and financed by Hubert Burda Media, a European publishing house. In the future, we will earn money by innovative online advertising models that respect users’ privacy.


Hi Thomas, thanks for coming back to us with these precisions :smile:

So for the sake of my sanity, I followed your link to reinstall it. This time it’s a different environment, different OS, different computer but the firefoxs are synced so maybe that plays. Anyways, cliqz still appears in german.

If you are interested in debugging these issues feel free to redirect me to your support platform for more in-depth feedback.


Many thanks for your offer to help debugging this. Could you send an email to including OS, browser and extension details?


@cliqz congratulations with the buy of Ghostery. Is your business model still based on Cliqz Offers (ads based on my browser data), are you going to sell browser data like Ghostery or something else?