"Script" from discourse-cdn-sjc1.com


Today, the forum would not load until I allowed “Script” from discourse-cdn-sjc1.com (I’m using uMatrix). I’m pretty sure that’s a change from when I last visited (~ a Month ago), as I use the same browser/settings today.

As I took from Privacy Policy - nothing is private that might not be in your controll, as the forum is not hosted by you.
Still, it might be worth mentioning/discussing?!

Google search in this website?

Ugh. Yes and no. Our forum is hosted by us, but I was not aware that the forum software is pulling resources from their own CDN. I’ll look into it.

Thanks for the heads-up.


Today the forum would’nt load until I allowd script from discourse-cdn-sjc2.com .

Then I had to log in (unsually, I’m logged in allready).

It seems that now I can remove the allowance and things still work!
(It’ll keep you updated if things change).


[Edit: it seems like that: I need to allowd it, the reload the page -> Forum will load;
I then can disallow it agine, things will still work;

But if I leave the forum (follow a link or close the tab), once I return, I need to allow it again.


This is both weird and annoying. I’ll keep an eye on it.


It is not only the CDN I suppose the avatars loaded from their server could be used for tracking as well. That’s what Gravatar is doing. The possibility is at least there for Discourse as well.


Yet another strange problem today: (I guess it’s on my side, something with my uMatrix maybe, still worth sharing, maybe someone has a hint: )

The forum won’t load at all in my Opera - uMatrix is “all green” (see screenshot), and even turning it off doesn’t change anything.

I first suspected the forum being down, but no: in IE, Chrome (and opera private Mode!) it loads just fine!

Any ideas?

[Edit: somehow my uMatrix was broken - I un-unstalled the AddOn en re-installed it (an importet the formerly backed up rules) and now things are fine again:


…note how the “lower part block” where I can allow 3rd-Party resources (which was missing somehow earliere) is now back.

-> everything fine again! :slight_smile:


They do something odd with caching, I’m sure it was related to that. Thanks for the heads-up!


Today (after I away for about 3 weeks ) the forum didn’t load on the 1st try.
Trying it again in a 2nd tab worked fine, though!