RetroShare - decentralized private social Network


RetroShare is a Free and Open Source cross-platform, Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform.


decentralization and privacy 2


  • completely decentralized
  • encrypted connections only
  • distributed Chatrooms
  • instant messaging
  • Mail
  • Voice/Video
  • anon F2F Turtle Routing File Sharing
  • Friend 2 Friend Network Topology
  • Posted (reddit clone)
  • Forums
  • Tor Hidden Service can be used as transport

Potential problems

  • but metadata could be revealed

GnuNet is an alternative with a similar goal. is sharing similar values and goals in there vision.

RetroShare is building a decentralised Friend to Friend Network.
Some people like to call Retroshare a “DarkNet”. The similarities are a
result of the Friend-2-Friend design rather than a deliberate aim. From the outside there is no chance for Google/XKeyScore to crawl any information which relies inside.

Upon its ID system in v06, it provides the ability to create a decentralized Facebook/Twitter Wall which is built with , transportation between ID’s. Last Plugins created a Chess implementation.
Communication with non friends is routed via turtle across the network.

GSoC14 - Social Plugin
This is some sort of a chicken-egg problem: Retroshare does not have web
developers, because it doesn’t have a web interface. And there will be
no web interface until a web developer can show how it can be done.
<-- this has been resolved and the webinterface is working. Moved from Wt (Qt for Web) to Angular. But still lacks someone with WebSkills. The Api (C++) is still growing faster than the WebFrontend.

I hope RetroShare is an interresting project for the community to have a look at. We share similar goals and vision.

My Qestion about indie: Is there a Whitepaper, a technical specc or an ELI5 available?

btw build targets for RS: Debian, Arch, Ubuntu, openSUSE, FreeBSD, Win(portable&install), CentOS, Gentoo, Fedora and MacOSX :wink:

twitter patrickmwolf/status/635154946023800832 <-- brought me here.

I’m open for questions if there are any.


Thanks Cave. Welcome to the forum. I’ll have to read up on RetroShare when I get a chance.


Looks neat, and to my eyes fairly close to what heartbeat wants to become?

However, for something concerned with privacy and security, hosting everything on sourceforge is a big red flag for me. I’m guessing this is historical as the project has quite the pedigree…


calmh - Retroshare has indeed moved away from SF and SVN. Now uses git, with a copy on gitlab(?) and github


@calmh yep, it comes from historic reasons.

I would neither start anything on SourceForge anymore. They did some strange moves (filezilla, vlc, nmap gimp,…) to destroy the trust they had built up the last decade.

in 2006 when RS was started, there was only SF as the big
Player (and Savannah) around and the place to be for community projects.

GitHub was started years later and the big advantage of SourceForge vs GitHub was binary hosting. GitHub introduced this feature in July/13, GitLab-Annex in Feb/15

Still there is a shitload of security related projects on SF:
Including TrueCrypt was on SF (VeraCrypt is now on Microsoft Codeplexx)

SVN2Git Mirror and related projects had been already moved to GH earlier. The SF Outage in July/15 was the spark to immediately finish the planned migration.
Now the migration is ongoing, Page move is not yet finished, collaboration is working.
All repos from GH organisation are mirrored at GitLab Group in case there is another DDoS like in March/15 (+ private with .onion with backups)

popcorntime & shadowsocks <-- hmm… whats the right place to host code in these days?
One was deleted by GH, the other one was deleted by the Dev himself.

I hope we have soon a libgit2 Plugin in Place, so Code Hosting and collaboration can be done inside RetroShare.

Though GitHub is fitting well, because it is exposing the code to random developers via Web. If the code, development and collaboration is hidden like communication… its becoming to hard for outsiders to submit patches or pull requests.

br cave


Hi… what’s the current state on RetroShare? Last time I tried it, it had run into trouble with sybil attacks on the DHT, resulting in end-users being asked to white or black list IP numbers, which is a major usability no-go…