Recommended VPN?


I am using FastestVPN which better than other vpn speed wise.


simply googling it will reveal a lot. there are like a dozen review sites and like any other reviewer or critic, their reviews sometimes drastically vary so you’ll have to stick to the basics at least to find the right thing for you. like there might be some that offer dedicated ips like express but then there are some that don’t, like ivacy. but then you’ll change your criteria or prerequisites like affordability and all of a sudden, you’ll see the scales turning the other way, like ivacy may be like ten times cheaper than express 45/3y vs 99 for/1 or offering 9 rating at trust pilot in case of kodi. maybe if you change your purpose to something else, like gaming, or getting access to a certain site in a certain region or premises, you might have to look at another provider altogether and not these two.


Slightly off-topic, but I’ve just found this article which does a remarkably good job discussing things VPN can and can’t do and what to look for when choosing a VPN provider.

P.S. They also recommend VPN providers based on their research, but at least for me their threat modeling sections were even more impressive / important, because there are lots of “snake oil / provider X is the magical solution” articles out there.


That is great, thank you. And timely, as my F-Secure freedome subscription is coming up for renewal soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Choosing the perfect VPN is tricky these days. If a service claims they do not keep logs, don’t blindly trust it but read others’ review about it, from the people who have experienced that service before. Logs, privacy, IP leakage, multi login, server locations are the major things one must consider while choosing your VPN… This might be helpful to you how to better choose and compare the best vpn before you subscribe one.


With a little time on your hand and a few extra bucks you can also opt to rent a VPS at a hoster, or a big cloud compnay and run your own OpenVPN. It has become remarkably easier to do so in the recent years.

Some weeks ago I used this tutorial to make my own OpenVPN server:

It has been running without a hitch ever since.

It has a bonus feature that it block all requests to ad-domains. So all devices connected to this VPN will have most ads blocked even before they reach the device. :slight_smile:

Another bonus of using this option is that now you can give your friends and family an account.
If they trust you not to keep logs… that is :wink:


I use NordVPN and have been generally happy with their service, particularly of late, though there were DNS leak issues early on. They also claim not to keep server logs.


Aren’t you worried about the scandal of purevpn where they keep logs? I don’t know if any of those were true but the users affected sounded really pissed at them. Anyways, I was about to subscribe to purevpn but after hearing their issues I decided to ask for more recommendations that’s why I’m here. hehe


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