Recommended VPN?


I am using FastestVPN which better than other vpn speed wise.


simply googling it will reveal a lot. there are like a dozen review sites and like any other reviewer or critic, their reviews sometimes drastically vary so you’ll have to stick to the basics at least to find the right thing for you. like there might be some that offer dedicated ips like express but then there are some that don’t, like ivacy. but then you’ll change your criteria or prerequisites like affordability and all of a sudden, you’ll see the scales turning the other way, like ivacy may be like ten times cheaper than express 45/3y vs 99 for/1 or offering 9 rating at trust pilot in case of kodi. maybe if you change your purpose to something else, like gaming, or getting access to a certain site in a certain region or premises, you might have to look at another provider altogether and not these two.