Recommended VPN?


I’m sure I read a review of recommended VPNs somewhere on but I can’t find it anywhere!

I just read How to set up a VPN in 10 minutes for free and it reminded me to VPN everything.

thanks :slight_smile: Jake

Any Recommendation for VPN service

We’re very cautious about recommending VPNs as you have to really trust the provider with your traffic. Do not trust any free VPNs. Much like any other free services, you’ve got to think about how they make money from a free service.

I also think that post gives incredible bad advice. Don’t use Opera’s “[browser] VPN”. Opera’s VPN is actually a proxy and you are trusting your traffic to a browser majority owned by a Chinese consortium.

Aral and I trust two VPNs as we know the people behind them:


Thank you for the information, that’s much appreciated :slight_smile:
Will go investigate further


I must recommend to you PureVPN. I have been a user of PureVPN for more than a year. I must say you should go check it out, their price is reasonable and have really good service.


Do you know the people behind PureVPN, @Gregory? It’s good to know if the people behind a VPN are those we can trust(!) with our traffic logs.


They don’t keep logs and they are based in Hong Kong which is good for my privacy i suppose. I don’t personally know them, but their customer support agents are really nice.


I just came across your content blocker while researching security options for my girlfriend and myself. Both of us are very impressed with the transparency, manifesto and basically good vibes. You guys should be very proud, very impressive. I listened to the Boss Level podcast featuring @Aral and can tell he is very passionate about a person’s right to online privacy.

I do have a couple questions though. I took @Laura’s advice about VPN’s to heart and totally agree. However, on the Cloak website (the FAQ I believe) it referenced 2015 @ seemed to indicate that copy had been written then. Plus they were based in the US. I believe that means that they are subject to US govt. orders then correct?

On iPredator, while they were based out of Sweden which is awesome it stated they had 100 servers in Sweden. Do they not have any servers in other countries or did I just miss that information?

I realize that Better prevents being tracked by advertisers and that a VPN would then be necessary. I found a service (Freedome VPN) that supposedly is a VPN as well as a content blocker. Do you have any insight into this company? It is based out of Helsinki and been in business since 1988 but it seems like a huge company and that is not instilling a whole lot of confidence in me.

Sorry for the very long post, but since we basically live online in 2017 it is important and I wanted to adequately frame my questions.


Jurisdictions is a tricky business as it completely depends upon where you are based yourself, and the degree to which you need to protect your browsing. But in short, yes. Where the servers are based has a bearing on the laws your traffic is exposed to. And if you’re in most of Europe, using a VPN from the US is probably not the best idea. However it also depends upon whether the VPN provider will legally challenge any government requests, or just happily hand over your traffic and information.

Knowing Peter (who runs iPredator) and his in-depth knowledge of jurisdictions, if you’re concerned about location, I’d stick with iPredator.

I’ve used Freedome, and while F-Secure is huge, they’re very security, privacy and free/open-focused, so I would trust them before I trust any random VPN brought up by a web search.

I primarily use Cloak to protect me on public WiFi networks, as it triggers automatically, and WiFi security is Cloak’s focus. I also use it to sometimes spoof geographical locations for debugging.

And thanks for the long post, these are very important nuances! :smile:


I tried searching for it over forums and even used google’s “site:” query to find all results from here but found nothing on vpn recommendations or just vpn for that matter, only got a few posts, one was that of browser.

With that said, the link you shared now says 5 minutes :smiley: coming back to your point, you can try googling reviews. vpn ranks and best vpn providers are some of the sites where you can look up. just be sure to read up differences between proxies and vpns first. free vpns are actually proxies, because while it might help you unblock stuff, there’s usually no encryption (think the popular opera).personally, if you’d like to start with some lead, you can look up ivacy. it’s a vpn that’s currently going dirt cheap (1 year plus 1 year free) thanks to some summer sale.


Some additional, maybe less privacy focussed thoughts:

Freedome and iPredator support more operating systems than Cloak, which could be important if you or your family have a more diverse collection of devices.

Another aspect is price / value. Cloak seems to be the most convenient solution given that it activates automatically when you join a public wifi, so if you profit from this convenience enough their price seems to be fair. However, if you use your VPN only occassionally and / or can life with slightly lower convenience you can save (depending on the amount of devices) up to 50% and more by choosing Freedome.

Given that F-Secure traditionally is a anti-malware / anti-virus company their VPN also blocks known malicious sites and links. Depending on your anti-malware strategy this might be not so relevant, but I think it’s still interesting to keep in mind.

Personally I use Freedome right now. Based on reading their privacy policy, thinking about their business model, their clear track record so far, following their CRO on Twitter and given that Freedome is also bundled with some of their anti-virus products I don’t see a reason why they should be shady when it comes to Freedome. In some sense their good reputation also depends on VPN so I think that they are smart enough to not risk it. And size can also be a benefit in terms of having a lot of manpower and experience in all the fields that are required to run a secure VPN. All of this is not to say that I mistrust Cloak or iPredator, these are just my thoughts about F-Secure.


I just want to make a recommendation for OVPN It’s a service based in Sweden that prides itself on anonymity and they go to great lengths to make sure nothing is logged, or can be logged, such as having no persistent storage on their servers. They have extensive information of their practices on their website.


Thanks for recommendation, I ended up going with Freedome in the end, pretty easy to setup across different devices.


I just came across ProtonVPN, from the people who make ProtonMail. I use ProtonMail a fair bit for email that I want to keep anonymous, has a solid web interface, a free tier and a very slick iOS app, so was interested to see their VPN offering.

Laura’s point about trust is pivotal – I trust what Laura and Aral say about VPNs from what they’ve done and said, which is handy, as I don’t personally know any VPN providers! How can you secure trust? Is really a CIA plot? :wink:


The trustworthiness of VPN services is a well-studied topic. For a comprehensive summary on everything out there, you should turn to That Privacy Guy. He lists all that we can objectively say about these companies.

He doesn’t give any recommendations though. And since not everyone will want to do a lot of research themselves, I’ll also give a shortlist of who I’d trust:

  • Cloak. I use their service myself because among the trustworthy options they have the best apps for iOS and Mac. They have clear policies about not logging unnecessary information and are always clear about how they operate. The download and upload speeds via their servers are high enough that I can have the VPN always on. Definitely the most pleasant option!
  • ProtonVPN. I suspect this will be the leading player in the field very soon. ProtonMail are extremely serious about privacy and security. While they have been growing into a company of significant scale, they have stayed focused on good ethics and I have never seen anything shady from them. In my tests during the beta of ProtonVPN, speeds were good, but not on par with Cloak. The main issue is that there are no good OpenVPN clients for Mac and iOS. As of right now, all the apps in this space are terrible and can’t even establish connections that are as reliable as with Cloak.
  • Mullvad. Their service is affordable and can be purchased anonymously. Speeds are fine, reviews from That Privacy Guy and others are good. They offer clients for iOS and Mac which are better than generic options, but worse than Cloak.
  • OVPN. An often recommended option among privacy-conscious people of the internet. Trustworthy, fine client software, but mediocre speeds.


Thank you for link @luk, will give that a good read, and thanks also for your roundup of VPNs :slight_smile:


I know this topic is a few weeks old now, but I think it’s worth mentioning Algo as an option, too:

Algo is a set of Ansible scripts that sets up a personal IPSEC VPN on various cloud hosts, with DigitalOcean being the easiest. Obviously this isn’t the solution if you’re looking for privacy, but for the purposes of security, you can’t beat an option entirely controlled by you.


If you guys are looking for a no logging, fast no data cap vpn, well, unless you have 1gb download speeds, or are downloading TB’s of data at a time, I recommend and here is a recent speed test of the vpn, my entire review of this VPN is at


If you guys are looking for a no logging, fast no data cap vpn, well, unless you have 1gb download speeds, or are downloading TB’s of data at a time, I recommend and here is a recent speed test of the vpn, my entire review of this VPN is at

EpressVPN is the best vpn but i still doubt about the security issue when using free VPN


Buddy, i am using ExpressVPN, and I also recommend you express van because it is much better then any other VPN best part of express is it provide 30 days money back guarantee.
But before choosing any VPN first read about that VPN then take any decision.


I like this one No speed losses, any country at hand, 24/7 support. Highly recommended