Real-time tracking demonstration website

A while back I remember seeing on this forum an excellent demonstration website, which showed all of the information that a website can glean from its visitors (time on site, position of mouse, browser, IP address and all sorts of other details).

Does anyone else remember this?

thanks, Jake

Perhaps it was EFF’s Panopticlick?

You could also check out , which uses a JavaScript library to do its fingerprinting. …and that library has its own demo site at

Github hosts the source code for those two:

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It wasn’t but that is super useful, as are the other links, thank you. I’m running a website workshop on Friday, I’ll use these to demonstrate tracking.

The site I was looking for kept a running total of your behaviour in the window – if the window was focussed, for how long, mouse tracking, links clicked etc. I’ll keep digging :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the links!

Good that you could use those links!

Also sounds interesting. Please post a link if you find your way back to that site :slight_smile: !

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I can remember what the site looks like so clearly, but I can’t remember the URL. I’ve trawled through my bookmarks too (I obsessively bookmark and categorise.) I think I included it in a roundup back in the day, so I’ll keep looking.

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Not sure whether it’s the one you’re searching for, but I remember this one:


Yes! That was it! (Now wondering why my bookmark search for “click” did not return any results…

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Yep, that was the one, thank you! I’m sure the sound was off when I visited last, that voiceover is so spooky. Just finished the workshop and I think I’ve scared the bejesus out of everyone. oops. Will add this to the slideshow notes :slight_smile:




Thanks muchly for sharing, i then shared it on my diaspora. people are enjoying learning of it.

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