Question about Do no block format


How should I enter URLs of sites that I don’t want Better to block?

Can you use wildcards?


Hi @mw9732. It just takes URLs (no wildcards or other syntax) with no http/https needed.

So would be the correct rule in this case.

Sorry that’s not clearer in the app.


Thanks @laura - does it matter if there is a “/” at the end?

I.e., are these 2 rules equivalent?

And can I just block certain pages within a domain, e.g.

With that rule, pages like

would be blocked but

would not get blocked.


Sorry, @mw9732, the rules are that sophisticated. If you have the rule [], it will block all of the pages on that domain, there’s no way to selectively block/unblock certain pages on a domain.

Depending on the site, you could hold down the reload icon and choose “Reload Without Content Blockers” to prevent blocking on individual pages. You can also report problematic sites to me (PM or email if you prefer) and I’ll see if I can write specific rules to address the blocking for everyone.


Ok tkanks - just wanted to understand how the matching works.


The matching for the blocking rules can be more sophisticated, but we’ve simplified it for people using the app to make it easier to understand for folks who aren’t familiar with the concept of whitelisting or blocking syntaxes.