Please, no menu bar icon in the Mac app


Better is a Safari extension. A Safari extension’s purview is the browser. Having a system-wide menu bar icon for a browser extension doesn’t make sense. It also clutters up the menu bar.

I’m aware that Apple just forced developers to make their Safari extensions into full-fledged apps, and I’m guessing that was the motivation to turn Better into a menu bar app. But please find an alternative, or offer an option to disable the menu bar icon.

Browser extensions belong in the browser, not the menu bar.


Hi @YouAlreadyForgot. Better has been an app, not just a Safari extension, for a long time now, since we include functionality like Exceptions and notifications outside of Safari.

I appreciate your menu bar preferences, and we will bear this in mind for future versions. But many folks who rely on Better would be confused if we removed the menu bar icon, as they would not know how to re-open the app without it, and would be otherwise unaware if they disabled Better by accident.

So for now, we recommend that for folks who have specific menu bar preferences, and are very familiar with how Mac apps operate, that they use an app like Bartender, to hide and show their menu icons, overriding app settings.

We keep iterating on the apps, so we’ll bear your preferences in mind for future iterations. We appreciate the feedback.



Just quit the Better App and voilà the menu bar icon is gone. I fire up the Better App under my Applications Folder weekly just to update the rules. I know it’s updating the rules since L’l Snitch asks me if I want to connect to, which I allow since I like dogs and there is a dog on the team.

With the menu bar icon gone, I start Safari and go to an unethical site. By checking the Safari log you can see the filter/blocking rules are being applied.