Please no longer support the iPhone and iPad

Originally wanted to switch all my mobile devices to iPhone and iPad and use your blocker. But it clearly looks like the iOS devices are not better, as many in the press say. The Apple stands for privacy and stands for the users. The Apple users said here:

The iPhone can not be set up without the Internet. It needs always Internet activation. This also applies to the Apple Watch, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

My Android device do not have this limitation. Whether Android with Google Service, Android from manufacturers or Android from the community (custom ROM).

Also, iOS has a built-in keylogger (remote). Each keypass is sent to Apple.

Please Better developer will not support iOS devices and the Apple platform again. It is a harmful platform. Apple was never on the side of the users. Everything that was talked about in the Apple videos about privacy was nothing more than marketing. It’s just an illusion of Apple playing in our heads.

Supports more sustainable platform for the users e.g Android and Linux. This always benefits the users first.

I’m not sure if this makes for an interesting discussion, I’ll keep an eye on it.

2 smal thoughts:

  1. As far as I can tell, Better is a good working sollution, benefitting (as in: protecting) many users. And also sustaining . It would not be a good idea to just throw that away.

  2. Abandoning that stream of sustainability would probably be way easier if there was enough funding from other sources, e.g. .