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Hi all,
first of all, i enjoy better for half a year now and especially like how unobtrusive it is.

Since the last update i a issues on mainly with playing embedded videos.
Like on this page

When i exclude golem from the blocker via Exeptions (which imho is a good enhancement of the last update) video playing works fine. If blocking is activated the advertisement feed before the videos is blocked fine but the video is not playing and only showing a blurred picture of the first video image.

Probably you can do anything about it.


Hi Tobias,

Are you still getting this error? I’ve tried it on my Mac and my iPhone and I can play the video no problem.



Hi Laura,
thanks for your reply.

yes, i still get the error and cannot play the video. I just can hear the sound and the picture looks like on the attached screenshot.

any other idea?
Thanks a lot

for me it behaves odd as well. either i get a black screen and am able only to listen to the audio channel ( like where you are seeing the blurred image instead of the black screen) or the video stops entirely stating that the advertisment ends in 31 seconds and no audio playing anymore. but those 31 seconds are way overdue meanwhile :wink:

also experienced that behaviour randomly.

This is very strange, because I still can’t reproduce your problems. I’m wondering if there might be another script interfering in some way. A few questions to both of you, to help me debug/reproduce:

  1. Which country are you accessing the site from?
  2. What version of macOS and Better are you running?
  3. Have you opened the Better app recently?

Sorry this is proving a pain! Hopefully as you’re both having issues, we should be able to find the common factor!

there is no pain on my side, just tried to give a hand and test :wink:

  1. Germany
  2. OS X 10.11.6 (15G1421), Safari 10.1 (11603. and Better 2017.1 (108)
  3. Yes

Also no real pain, just realised it and wanted to give you feedback.

  1. Germany
  2. OS X 10.12.2, Safari 10.0.2 (12602., Better 2017.1 (108)
  3. Yes

guess its the country.
Thanks for your effort.

all the best to Malmö


just saw this discussion and quickly tried it myself. I’m having the same issues on my Mac but not on the iPhone.

  1. Germany
  2. OSX 10.12.4 (16E195), Safari 10.1 (12603., Better 2017.1 (108)
  3. Yes

So, so far Germany seems to be the common factor :slight_smile:

Would be interesting if a user from another german speaking country like Austria is here. Curious to see if the scope of the issues is limited to Germany or if it is extended to german speaking countries as well. So that those issues described above aim to the pool of potential beneficiaries of the content based on the language in general or on the country only.

Thank you so much for helping to debug this, all.

It is an issue when visiting from Germany. How intriguing! I just visited through a VPN in Germany, and I am experiencing the black screen with only audio too.

It’s good news, however, as I can play spot the difference to identify an error on the player:

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.getRawPlayer().parentNode')
	F (hd-main.js:235)
	c (hd-main.js:34:423)
	(anonymous function) (hd-main.js:31:468)
	b (hd-main.js:238:170)

That should make it easier for us to get it fixed! I’ve opened an issue here:

@laura If you tried via VPN, would it be possible that you try from Austria as well please? I am really curious about the scope, if it is limited to Germany only or to german speaking countries in general.

I’m afraid the VPNs I use don’t have any other German-speaking countries as an option(!)

pity :frowning: but thanks for looking and trying!

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Hi all,

I think this issue isn’t happening anymore, so I’ve closed the issue. But if you are still experiencing the video not playing, please let me know!