Platform for Ethical Design Devices: Crowdfund Is Here :D

hia been keenly following this project for the last few years. I think they have created a idea hardware platform for ethical, user experience designed, FOSS software.

I guess this could make for the apple alternative. This would be the hardware needed for the platform but i expect it needs lots more people working on the software experience to help polish and refine it :wink: for the masses.
What do you think?

I’ve put in my pre-order. Looking forward to making as many of my future devices, as i can, being eoma standards based ones :smiley:

Feedback about the project? what do you think of the marketing so far? I’m concious to know your thoughts.

What do you mean to 3D print your parts? I only know of one 6 digits $ machine that can 3D print electronics, and it takes hours, it is more for design, than mass production.


the case is 3D printed. the electrics are made the typical china
manufacture way.

for details on the 3d printed case, you can read up past posts on the
arm-netbook mailing list or ask luke :slight_smile: might well be worth asking
anyway :).

First time I stumbled across this - how did things work out? (now being 2 years later)