Other privacy Safari extension or app recommandations


I will be switching over to macOS from Windows in a few days and I am wondering what other Safari privacy extensions or apps I should get other than Better and DuckDuckGo and what settings I should change.


Congratulations on your Mac, Alex!
I still remember when I switched, even though it was quite some time ago, but I have not looked back a single time. :smile:

Anyways, as for the privacy settings:
First, here is the official Apple documentation page.
I personally always turn on “Prevent cross-site tracking” and “Ask websites not to track me” under Privacy .
Second, I adjust the location, microphone and camera access. You can set it in the websites tab and chose between allow, deny, and ask. I think from a privacy perspective denying it per se might be most secure. You can then turn it on for specific sites when needed.
Third, I block pop-up windows and turn on “Warn when visiting a fraudulent website” under security.
Fourth, you can adjust the auto-fill options to your liking.

That’s all that comes to mind for now, I will add aspects if I remember something else. :slight_smile:
Wit macOS Mojave on the horizon it might also be worth checking out the Preview Page for coming changes.




The joke around our office was that a Mac runs Windows better than a PC! We used VMWare to run Windows or Un*x on a Mac to host database and App servers. There are other VMs you can load on a Mac, I’m not specifically advocating VMWare. I also like running a VM on a Mac due to the fact that I can lock down the VM and not allow any access from the VM to the outside world (should I desire). Also take a look at the “Hello” thread for inverse firewalls. I find them quite useful as well. There is always something on your mac trying to phone home.

Frequently, I just surf with cookies and javascript turned off. Not the greatest user experience, but it certainly minimizes tracking. I allow cookies and javascript for some sites of course. And of course use multiple browsers (I DO NOT use Chrome, but have run it inside a locked down Windows VM) :slight_smile:


In general I’d recommend spending some time in “System Preferences”, especially in the “Security” section, where you also can make a few decisions about privacy related things (location data, access to contacts, analytics, …).

In case you’re going to use Apple Mail as your mail client, there’s an option in the settings with which you can turn off remote content, which can increase security & privacy.

An inverse firewall like Little Snitch probably is also something you can look into. It’s a bit cumbersome to set-up initially, but once this is done it’s low-maintainance and offers a great way to block unwanted outgoing connections.


Thanks a lot for the advice guys!


A little late, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend getting Little Snitch so you have granular control over what your apps are able to communicate over the network. Also, a VPN (e.g., Encrypt Me) for when you‘re on open wifi networks, etc.

Hope you’re enjoying your new computer :slight_smile: