New tracker (


Not sure how important this is to everyone or how pervasive this tracker is on other sites? I use to find the best deals for i%^&*. From their homepage, they look to be using the typical “Silicon Valley business model” in GB. Is Better…Support where I should post new trackers? Or would you perfer an e-mail or some catch-all topic?


Found on site:


inetnum: -
netname: PHG-EUROPE

Tracker Home Page:


Hi @Trout. Thanks for the report, and sorry for the slow reply. This is the perfect place to report it.

I’ll do an inspection of and see what we can catch!


Thanks Laura,

After I originally posted, I found a newsflash about Horizon Group Ltd. (a UK Company) being funded by “Silicon Valley Bank”. Hah! (sad actually)$2M-of-Financing-from-Silicon-Valley-Bank

BTW, I dig yours & Aral’s videos. I try to forward links to them to whoever will listen (which is not many in the States). It seems like few seem to care what the web is tracking/storing about them.


Thanks @Trout. Maybe we need to make better videos that explain the risks. Not many people are keen on tracking once they learn the impact it could have on the cost of their health insurance!


Just to let you know, I’ve now blocked on Better. To get the updated blocking rules, just open the Better app.