🎈 New RSS feeds on the Ind.ie site



We now have usable RSS feeds!

We’re slowly iterating on the new Ind.ie site.

Ind.ie News

Part of this was acknowledging that we can be a little slow on updating the News site, usually favouring updates on our own sites. So we’ve decided to make the News section on the Ind.ie site a way of posting on Ind.ie-related things from other sites, including our own sites and this forum. This means you can still easily keep up with everything we’re doing in one place without having to put up with all the dog photos I post on my own site.

And because of how the new site is set up, it’s easy for me to make RSS feeds for these different types of news. I’ve linked to them all above. This means you don’t have to join the forum or a social network to keep up with us.

Ind.ie Radar

The Radar category on this forum has been the primary location for the news/articles/research/opinions we’re reading. I also then post these links to our various Mastodon, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Now I’m also posting these links directly to the Ind.ie Radar on the Ind.ie site. So you don’t need to be on the forum on social networks to subscribe to the RSS feed for the radar:

RSS feed for the Ind.ie Radar